JIDE incorporates “a better JTable”

November 9, 2009

If you’re a JIDE customer, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve incorporated my blog article on Creating a better JTable back into their tables (see their news release here).

My article points out a number of things you can do to get better parity with native tables. Tables tend to permeate applications, so it’s important that they look good. If you haven’t read the article, go check it out and pull in the better JTable code into your codebase!

4 Responses to “JIDE incorporates “a better JTable””

  1. Ian Phillips Says:

    Cool, good to see your work getting a wider audience! I’d like to point out an older post of mine on formatting dates in tables: http://ianp.org/2006/04/dynamic-date-formatting/ although I was copying a feature in a specific application (PathFinder) rather than providing a generic UI tweak.

    • Ken Says:

      Hey Ian,

      That looks like a neat little feature. I’ve noticed the same auto-reformatting in “plain old” Finder.


  2. Ian Phillips Says:

    Yeah, it’s there now. Maybe it always had been but back then I was fairly new to OS X (coming from Linux) and I wanted something a little more complicated than the plain old Finder—a bit like a security blanket!

  3. […] With the recent update of Jide components, one of the new features was better handling of JTables. This work was originally done by Ken Orr, and blogged about. […]

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