JWebPane screen shots

June 16, 2009

Alexey Ushakov has just posted screen shots of the JWebPane Java web browser that he showed in his BOF at JavaOne 2009 (which I talked about here). Below is a screen shot I pulled from Alexey’s latest blog post:
Seems like we’re getting closer!

20 Responses to “JWebPane screen shots”

  1. frickelblog Says:

    For those wondering if a native browser is emebedded or whatever’s going on:
    http://webkit.org/ is the place to go for JWebPane, right?

    cited from there:
    WebKit is an open source web browser engine. WebKit is also the name of the Mac OS X system framework version of the engine that’s used by Safari, Dashboard, Mail, and many other OS X applications.

  2. hendrik Says:

    looks great.. really hope this will be ready for production and available on OS X soon. what we’re having right now simply does not work and is not competitive at all.

  3. They should really open it … I bet they are using the WebKit full package. I wish they would have done what Google has done, they just used WebKit for Rendering html/css content and use a better JS engine such as V8. As well, I hope they are using Swing components to render the such as textfields, dropdowns etc… And they are according to the screenshot, you can see the scroll bars (I hope the rest are too). I was hoping a more open design on what they are doing, maybe the community could help develop it instead of waiting longer. We already waited 10+ years.

  4. […] Update: screen shots available here. ** Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)JWebPane screen shots Posted by Ken Filed […]

  5. Ken Says:

    Hi Mohamed,

    All the widgets are rendered using Swing. WebKit doesn\’t actually provide any rendering capability, but instead provides callbacks indicating what and where to paint. This means that JWebPane is a lightweight (rather than heavyweight) component, which is another bonus.


  6. Lars Says:

    I think it’s pretty darn impressive that it’s all rendered using Java2D and Swing. Some great piece of work right there.

  7. Gireesh Says:

    This is an interesting component, I have been looking for something similar to this to create a new application which extensively use browser component.

    Any idea when it will be release ?

    • Ken Says:

      Well, at JavaOne (back in June) they said that they would announce a release date in a couple of months. Hopefully we’ll hear soon on an official release date.

  8. Tristan Seifert Says:

    When is it gonna be released?

  9. hendrik Says:

    I actually have been wondering that myself for what feels like forever…

  10. Tristan Seifert Says:

    I just want them to release by next year!

  11. Rolf Ernst Says:

    I think we all agree this is just hot air – after a year and a half nothing has been published. I mean, how long can it take after demoing until you release it? Maybe Oracle killed it like they’ll kill Netbeans …

    Ok, that was below the belt …

  12. julien Says:

    Hi guys,

    Any news on this JWebPane component, or is the project dead?

  13. theocas.net Says:

    I think it’s officially dead. It would have been so great as a Java component…

    • Ken Says:

      I don’t know what’s going on — it’s been over a year since JavaOne 2009 when they announced JWebPane and we haven’t heard a peep since then. Very disappointing.

  14. theocas.net Says:

    Yeah, and this one component is the only one that’s preventing one of my projects from being released – for almost a year now. Just sad. It would have been quite awesome having true HTML rendering powered by WebKit in Java. Maybe they’ll notice your blog post and either open-source it and abandon it or release it.

    • joe r Says:

      Frankly I’m pissed about it. I’m also sick of waiting for the moron management at Oracle/Sun to get the hell out of the way and let this project out. So, I’m waiting one more month, and if its still not out, I’m starting my own open source project to implement my own version built on webkit. It can’t be that hard. Webkit is doing all the hard work.

      • Ken Says:

        I’m surprised someone hasn’t already started an open source project to implement a web component based on WebKit! I’m sure you could find plenty of people interested in helping out.

  15. theocas.net Says:

    If anyone does need help with coding that, I’ll be glad to help.

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