Mac Widgets for Java – 0.9.4

February 15, 2009

I’ve just released Mac Widgets for Java 0.9.4. The major additions in this release are HUD style controls and the Dark Source List. Also, Source List colors can be fully customized via the new SourceListColorScheme interface.

You’ll find the full list of enhancements and fixes here, or you can browse the API here. Also, you can see examples that use these new widgets here.

25 Responses to “Mac Widgets for Java – 0.9.4”

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  2. hendrik Says:

    Hey Ken – looks great! gonna try this out as soon as I have a chance…
    have you had a chance to post your lib to a public maven repository?

  3. Ken Says:

    Hi Hendrik,

    I haven’t added Mac Widgets for Java to Maven yet, but I promise it’s on my to-do list!


  4. Vijay Says:

    Really cool …

  5. JavaNovice Says:

    I did some testing nice stuff!
    BTW: u should update the examples from the wiki(googlecode) or are there other (up-to-date) examples?

  6. Ken Says:

    Hi JavaNovice,

    Which examples did you find out of date?


  7. Avital Says:

    Very nice stuff.

    Few constructive remarks:

    1. few things rely on MACOS only features.
    search button feature, Unified toolbar / Bottom bar cannot be used with default JButton – it must have MACOS button which does not exist on other paltforms.

    2. Rounded corners rendering with anti aliasing (HUD button) look bad on lighter background. The dark background hides the somewhat messy edges.

    – Avital

  8. Ken Says:

    Hi Avital,

    Re. 1: I’ll probably eventually add UI delegates that render buttons in the Mac style across platforms.

    Re. 2: The HUD style controls are intended to only be used in conjunction with the HUDWindow. Do you have a use case for something different?


  9. Avital Says:

    Re. Re. 2: I Kinda liked the button looks. So I thought about using it in a Form. The dark background does not suit our type of applications (Finance).
    Someone commented about it here:


  10. James Says:


    I’ve just updated to 0.9.4 to try to fix the bug with rendering Unified Toolbars under Mac OS X JDK 6 but it hasn’t fixed it. It’s probably something I’m doing wrong but I know that it has installed properly because some of the other bugs from 0.9.3 are fixed e.g. Unified Toolbar icons size, iTunes table size.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, James.

  11. Ken Says:


    OK…I’ll take that into consideration. I’ll also take a quick look into why that rendering looks a little off.


  12. Ken Says:


    Try running the com.explodingpixels.macwidgets.DUnifiedToolbar demo – does that look correct?


  13. James Says:

    Yes it does but i forgot to say I am in fact using a PreferencesTabBar not a Unified Toolbar and the DPreferencesTabBar demo doesn’t render correctly.


  14. Ken Says:

    Ahh…OK. Could you create an issue for that here, and include a screen shot?


  15. James Says:

    I’ve posted it as an issue.


  16. Gath Says:

    Hello Ken

    I’m an avid reader of this blog. Really nice things and I can’t wait for the opportunity to use them in my programming :-)

    Regarding your answer to Avital:
    “Re. 1: I’ll probably eventually add UI delegates that render buttons in the Mac style across platforms.”

    This would be great. I’m for example programming for all platforms but in my opinion the Mac look is the best there is. Mac style buttons would be awesome :-)

    Thanks again for your great work!

    Best regards, Gath

  17. Ken Says:

    Hi Gath,

    Thank for the feedback! The more requests I get for standard Mac style UI delegates, the higher up my priority list it will go.


  18. rbs Says:

    I’ve been delving into the guts of your HudComboBoxUI and related classes to figure out if it’s possible to mesh it up with a JComboBox that uses a subclass of ListCellRenderer. Right now it’s not looking too good. I may have to subclass HudComboBoxUI, override the createPopup method, and then write my own ComboPopup.

    A question I have is… why did you decide to go with using JMenuItem elements in your EPComboPopup class?

  19. Ken Says:

    I used a JMenuItem because I wanted to get the gradient selection for free. By default, ComboPopup wants to be backed by a JList. The selected item in a JList renders differently than a selected JMenuItem (flat blue color vs. gradient blue).

    I may end up changing this implementation back to using a JList and do the gradient painting myself, but I’m not sure yet.

    What is it you need to render in the HudComboBox?


  20. rbs Says:

    In some data mapping applications, I am using JComboBoxes to allow the user to from a list of select pre-set colors and from a list of colorbars. The color menus just have small color squares next to the color names. The colorbar menus actually show a rectangular bar with the individual color patterns.

    You’ve seen sample screenshots from one of these applications, although I don’t recall how visible any of these comboboxes might have been in them

  21. rbs Says:

    Boy that was scrambled. It should have started…

    “In some data mapping applications, I am using JComboBoxes to allow the user to select from a list of pre-set colors and from a list of colorbars.”

  22. Ken Says:

    Makes sense. Would you mind adding your use case to this issue. I’ll have to think about the best way to make this all fit together. If I implement my own ListCellRenderer, then I can go back to using a standard JList. I would then need to give you a way to hook into the painting process.

  23. jamesthornton Says:


    I posted a issue about the PreferencesTabBar on google code a while ago and was wandering how the progress on this bug was going and whether you need any more screenshots etc.


    – James

  24. Ken Says:

    Hi James,

    I have a fix for you. I’ll attach an updated jar file to the Google Code issue.


  25. Love the ability to customise the colour scheme – good work!

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