So I was plodding along in my quest to learn Objective-C, and I ran into a compile error that I just didn’t understand. My code looked something like this:

switch(foo) {
   case bar:
        NSString *message = @"Hello there.";

which yielded a compiler error like this:

unexpected interface name 'NSString': expected expression
             NSString *message = @Hello there.";

To a Java programmer, there doesn’t look to be anything wrong. But Objective-C, birthed from C, is a different beast. My first inclination was to fire up Google, and pose the first question that came to my mind:

And here were the results I was given:

The first result was the same question I was asking, with an answer on Stack Overflow!

Stack Overflow went into public beta in September of 2008 (I got the answer for this question by asking “how old is stackoverflow” on Meta Stack Overflow) — that’s not very long ago. What a game changer (not to mention a time saver) Stack Overflow has become.