Heading to Apple

December 4, 2009

Big news! I’ve accepted a job at Apple and will be starting there on Monday, December 7th, 2009. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity and I am very much looking forward to contributing to the Mac platform. I don’t yet know what this will mean for Mac Widgets for Java or this blog, but I’ll keep you posted.


42 Responses to “Heading to Apple”

  1. Christian Says:

    Great news! One way or the other, it seems I will keep using your software.. Keep up the good work!

  2. Congratulations Ken. Very happy for you :-)

    — Jonathan

  3. Steve McLeod Says:

    Hey Ken,

    Congratulations! That’s excellent. If you join their Java team, it will be Apple’s gain.


    Steve McLeod

    • Ken Says:

      Hi Steve,

      I’m not joining the Java team, but I certainly won’t be a stranger to Mike Swingler and Mac Java team.


  4. Vijay Kiran Says:

    Congratulations, I hope you can make the Java Apps look better on OS X!!

  5. On the other hand, he’s not going to Sun, so we can’t get all the dorky stuff in Swing fixed.

    I think he’s *not* joining the Java team.

  6. Mikael Grev Says:

    Congrats! You’re well worth it. Though I’d hope that Sun snagged you first. For purely egoistic reasons though.


  7. Carl Says:


    Congratulation!, maybe you could convince them to put a jvm into the iPhone.(just kidding).

    Enjoy your new job. I hope you will keep up with Sea Glass with Kathryn.


  8. Gath Says:

    Congratulations !

    Great news, sounds like a perfect fit for you !

    Best regards,


  9. Congrats…they picked the right one :-)

  10. Alex Babaev Says:


    Hope that will help make Java UI on a Mac as polished as it can be. Looking forward to something beautiful anyway.


  11. Lars Says:

    Congratulations, man! Any details about the job description/position or would you rather keep that to yourself?:) Just curious what you’ll be doing there.

    Anyway, great! Have fun there and let us know how it turns out ;)

    • Ken Says:

      Well, to be safe, all I’ll say is that I’ll be working on user interfaces in Objective-C and Cocoa.

      I’m looking forward to living out in California (I’m in the Boston area now) — should be a blast!


  12. Rémy Rakic Says:

    First, I want to congratulate you on the new job Ken. It’s an incredible opportunity that is well deserved. They are lucky hiring a talented guy like you.

    Then, I want to thank you for the great job you’ve been doing blogging and with your open source projects, while I still have a chance to do so. Apple has “interesting” policies which will probably mean you’ll have to stop blogging and working on those projects altogether.

    So it is both a great loss for the Java & Open-Source communities, and a great announcement that deserves praise and congratulations!

    Kuddos, man :)

    • Ken Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Remy. I’m not sure what the implications on my blog or Mac Widgets for Java will be. If I have to, I plan to hand off Mac Widgets for Java to someone else in order to keep it going.


  13. Mark Muday Says:


    Thanks for your great work in both real code product and in Swing advocacy (at the very least, showing us that not all Swing apps have to suck)! It has been a real pleasure watching the work of a true craftsman.

    Congratulations and good luck!


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  15. altmany Says:

    Good luck Ken – you’ll be missed in your old position…

  16. Henrique Fernandes Says:

    Congratulations! Keep the good work!

  17. knalli Says:

    Congrats Ken! Nice news ;)
    What “kind of” work is it?


  18. Daniel Says:

    Really glad for you! Who knows, maybe you’ll be working on the 10.7 interface? Definitely a gain for Apple, hopefully for you, too!

    – Daniel

  19. José Luis Sánchez Says:

    Congrats Ken ! I really think this is a very good news for Apple.
    I only want to say you that don’t stop blogging. I’mm newbie on Java and OSX, but you, and the mac widgets for java, are one of the reasons I decided learning Java.

    Regards from Spain,
    José Luis

  20. […] Orr, shortly before announcing he is heading to work at Apple, posted about how you can recreate the iTunes navigation header button using Java2D and announced […]

  21. Alexandre Cruz Says:

    Excellent news ken, for sure you’re deserve this, and much more. Everybody knows that Apple always get the best to be able to delivery the best, and one think I can tell you, you’re the best. Java will not be the same. I hope the best for you there man, and god bless you and your family.

    Your blog to me is the best blog, so I’m praying already that apple will let you continue with it.

    You are the man

  22. Simón Says:

    Congrats! As the others say, it’s well deserved. Good luck, and thanks for your work so far :)

  23. Ashen Says:

    Wish you all the best :)


  24. Congratulations! You “really” deserve it! I hope you still continue blogging :)

  25. hendrik Says:

    Congrats, Ken!

    I hope Apple will treat you well.


  26. Paul Taylor Says:

    Congratulations Ken.enjoy the sunshine !

  27. Harald K. Says:

    Congrats Ken!

    Hope you find time to continue your excellent blog and provide us with more Swing tips! It’s a sure favorite. And of course I hope you can kick Mike S. or someone in the team’s leg whenever there are serious bugs in the Apple Java implementation. ;-)


  28. Ken Says:

    Thanks Harald — coincidently, I sit about 100 feet from Mike!

  29. Harold P. Says:

    Congrats Ken! Apple is lucky to have you. I too hope that you continue blogging.

  30. […] to extend good wishes to Ken Orr, who has left the Mathworks Desktop development team to join Apple a few days ago. You probably know Ken from his good work on the Desktop and the official Matlab Desktop blog. […]

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