Sea Glass artwork update

November 23, 2009

I haven’t had a whole lot of time recently, but I’ve updated the color palette (see the original colors back here) and drawn some new artwork for the Sea Glass look and feel. Kathryn has been plugging away on the implementation, working hard towards an initial release, which is still a ways off.

I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking!

Note that we haven’t settled on the color scheme for the Windows window chrome — suggestions and requests are welcome.


28 Responses to “Sea Glass artwork update”

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  2. Mikael Grev Says:

    If only you worked for Sun..

    • If he worked for Sun we could maybe get Synth fixed so that we don’t have to re-implement about 40% of it to do a good L&F.

      I’m quite frustrated by the amount of package local (default scoped) stuff in Synth.

      And Nimbus has continued the trend.

  3. k0sh Says:

    Which program did you use to create these screenshots?

  4. Yair Says:

    Minor note: The JEditBox/JComboBox Border (gray square rectangle) appear inconsistent with that of JButton/JSpinner (blue rounded rectangle). Perhaps this is intentional, but I think that the absence of the bluish bgcolor should be enough to indicate a text-box, and a consistent border will look better. Just my personal $0.02…

    • Ken Says:

      Hi Yair,

      The difference in border color between the text field portion of the editable combo box and the button portion is indeed intentional (gray vs. blue). A blue border around the text portion would look strange, as would a gray border around the button part. I could experiment with a darker blue border around the text field component, but the more saturated the color, the more out of place it will look against the white content area of the text field.

      Thanks for the input Yair!

      P.S. Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your comment!

  5. Oucit Says:

    It looks very nice, only one question:

    I think the color of the selected row in jTable is very dark, if the text color is black. Isn’t it ?

    Nothing else, good good work.

    • Ken Says:

      The selected text would be white, but I’m not committed to this. I can try lightening it up and keeping the selected row text black.

  6. George Pólya Says:

    The up button of the pressed spinner *looks* bigger than the down button. The bright line at the top of the down button seems to be the visual separator of the two buttons, not the darker border. Is this even an issue? I guess you never see the spinner in this state, since the two buttons won’t be pressed at the same time. Unless the focused state looks like (or is similar to) the pressed state, which would make this an issue again.

    • Ken Says:

      Astute (and correct) observation. You’re also correct that this will likely be imperceptible when only a single button is pressed.

      • George Pólya Says:

        You’re right, it looks ok: (don’t stare at this picture too long or the buttons will start to look disproportionate!)

        However, when you only press the down button of the spinner, it looks like the background of the up button is bleeding into the down button. I guess this is because the bright line at the top of the down button has almost the same colour as the bottom line of the up button. Making the bright line a bit darker might help.

  7. ranjith Says:

    Personal opinion – I like the original colors. New one is somewhere in between nimbus and original colors. Also, a little dull.

  8. Mikael Grev Says:

    Hi Ken,

    As I indicated, good work!

    But why is the left edge of the scroll knobs darker than the right edge in the two leftmost scroll bars? It makes them look slightly off center IMO.


    • Ken Says:

      Ahh, this is an interesting visual artifact. I can lighten up the left side of the scroll thumb. If you look at the iTunes scroll thumb in it’s track, you’ll notice a similar illusion.

  9. Solerman Kaplon Says:

    Agree with ranjith, its beautyful but pale, put more color into that just like the original inspiration

  10. Harald K. Says:

    Great work, Ken and Kathryn!

    While it looks very polished, the theme is also somewhat pale and dull as other commenters have pointed out.

    I think I’d like a real strong contrast color for the table/list/text selection colors, something like the “Orange” highlight color on the Mac.

    Any way, keep up the great work!


  11. […] Orr posted an update on the Sea Glass look and feel that he and Kathryn Huxtable are working […]

  12. n0gabor Says:

    Awesome looking theme! Can’t wait to try out the final version!

  13. i30817 Says:

    I think its about time that laf authors agreed on a Serviceloader provider class.

    I’m supporting the user changing the laf of my app himself, and doing this without a Service class is just a exercise to see which laf’s that the user might want i can forget.

    Pleaso agree on this.

  14. Isn’t it possible to simply loop through the L&F list? I’ve seen code that does this.

    What more do you want?

  15. We’re very close to being able to let people have a look at where we are right now. I’d like to fix one more thing…

    Not that that’s all that needs fixing, of course.

  16. Abhinav Says:

    Can I port this theme to ubuntu GTK themes. I will not do it if you don’t allow me.

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