Adobe’s Flex icon and JavaFX confusion

September 17, 2009


As I was reading this IntelliJ blog article, I noticed what I thought to be a new JavaFX icon (the Fx text on a black gradient background).

Once I started reading the article, I realized this wasn’t about JavaFX at all, but support for Adobe’s Flex! I guess the lower case “x” in “Fx” should have been a give-away that it wasn’t JavaFX, but I wasn’t paying close attention. That made me wonder, is there a potential marketing conflict here? Could this possibly have been an intentional choice on Adobe’s part, or did Sun choose a bad suffix for Java?

I don’t know any of the history on either side, so I can’t really speculate too much. At any rate, I think there’s some potential for confusion in Adobe’s favor.


5 Responses to “Adobe’s Flex icon and JavaFX confusion”

  1. btilford Says:

    Weren’t a lot of the developers that worked on JavaFX hired by Adobe to work on Flex 4?

  2. José Says:

    Adobe Flex’s first release was back in 2004, Sun announced JavaFX years later.

  3. No problem. The new name of Flex builder 4 would be Flash builder and Icon would be “FB” instead of “FX”.
    You can check the new logo here:

  4. Josh McDonald Says:

    As a long-time Java guy who currently writes Flex for a living, and is waiting and hoping for JFX to become awesome, I can tell you that any mistaken identity would be in Sun/Oracle’s favour. When the new rendering pipeline escapes, the JVM will wipe the floor with the AVM2, and FXScript is better than MXML, but the Flex framework is light years ahead of JFX 1.2 in a lot of ways.

  5. PhiLho Says:

    I noticed the Fx icon shortly after JavaFX was released (and was confused as well!). So I suppose the icon design predates JavaFX, that’s not Adbobe copying Sun (I doubt they feel threatened. Yet… :-))

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