Mac Widgets for Java on Snow Leopard

September 6, 2009


Mac Widgets for Java has been updated to work with Snow Leopard. The Unified Tool Bar, Preferences Bar and Bottom Bar all needed small updates. The textured window in Snow Leopard uses slightly lighter colors, possibly to compensate for the increased gamma correction values, which causes everything to look darker and more saturated.

These updates will be part of the next release (0.9.6), but you can also download the latest developer build here. Be sure to report any issues you have on Snow Leopard, as well as any regressions on Leopard.

33 Responses to “Mac Widgets for Java on Snow Leopard”

  1. […] Ken Orr has posted an update to his Mac Widgets for Java so that the components look more integrated in Snow Leopard. […]

  2. Martha Goys Says:

    Thanks so much, looks great! Really impressed with your work on this.

    I using it with groovy at the moment, and the combination makes Swing fun again :-)

  3. phihaus Says:

    I also updated my maven module with the latest Changes.
    Repository is:
    javastream Repository

    there are 2 Modules:




    Maybe somebody might need this. I just use it for some Test-Projects :-).

  4. Daniel Says:

    Hi Ken,

    I just submitted and issue (, I don’t know whether it’s due to using deprecated methods or if it’s a bug of MacWidgets. Perhaps someone else could confirm that issue (or probably say that he/she has no such problems…).

    Best wishes

  5. Ken Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    You’re the second to report this, so you’re not the only one. I’ll look into it.


  6. Has anyone else downloaded the new iTunes 9.0? I think the button design is strange. I don’t think I care for it at all.

    But maybe my opinion will change with time…

    -K, who didn’t like new coke.

  7. Ken Says:

    The rewind/play/fast forward buttons? I agree that they don’t look quite right.

  8. Paul Taylor Says:

    Hi, the macupdate.jar is compiled with Java 6, is this mandatory as most customers use Java 1.5 on Leopard

    • Ken Says:

      Hi Paul,

      This was a mistake on my part — I was verifying agains JRE 6 on the Mac and never switched back to JRE 5. I’ve updated the latest developer build to be a JRE 5 jar file.

      Let me know if you have further issues.

  9. Paul Taylor Says:

    Thanks Ken

    Im just trying to upgrade from a fairly early versions of macwidegets, I delayed this because when I tried it before a few months ago my icons on the toolbar were too bunched up – but this is still the case, any ideas ?

    (Snow Leapord is causiong me a bit of a headache, and Quaqua isnt ready for it so I’m considering dropping Quaqua as a LAF and just using some of its functionality (i.e. Jsheet)).

  10. Paul Taylor Says:


    You sur eyou’ve updated it Ive tried downloading again using a different browser to avoid caching problems and I still get the following error

    bad class file: c:\Code\jthink\libs\client\mac_widgets.jar(com/explodingpixels/macwidgets/IAppWidgetFactory.class)
    class file has wrong version 50.0, should be 49.0

  11. Ken Says:

    Ahh, it appears that the 1.5.0 version of Java on Snow Leopard simply points to the 1.6 version. I guess this is going to force Mac Widgets for Java to be 1.6 only?


  12. Paul Taylor Says:

    Good old Apple, you need a Leopard machine os something.

  13. Paul Taylor Says:

    Hopefully your last comment was a joke.

    Because you can install 10.5 on SL, its just not there by default I read something about it on the apple Java mailing lists, I can’t find it now but it was along the lines of

  14. Ken Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Well, I was half kidding. Apple has never been sympathetic to users getting burned when using non-standard setups. I’d like to avoid that.

    For now, I’ve got Leopard on my work machine, so we can push off worrying about this for now. Try grabbing the latest developer build again — you should find that it’s built with JDK 5.


  15. Paul Taylor Says:

    Yes it works now Ken, thanks for the quick turnaround.

  16. Paul Taylor Says:

    Actually although I’m sure they don’t want end users installing Java 5 on Snow Leopard surely they want you to be able to use SnowLeopard to develop applications that will run on the default java for Leopard, or Tiger.

    If you just add the -source 1.5 to a Java 6 compile would that maintain Java 5 compatability.

  17. Ken Says:

    I’ll add that! Thanks Paul.

  18. Paul Taylor Says:

    scrub that, I don’t think that will do what you want.

  19. Harald K. Says:

    Paul/Ken: I think -target 1.5 is what you want. ;-)

  20. Ken Says:

    I’ll give that a try… thanks Harald!

  21. Fritz Richter Says:

    Hi there,
    it’s just great. Just to know, for which operating system is the iTunesTable for? What I mean is, is it just for LookAndFeels for Apple or for windows as well?

    I tried to use the iTunesTable but i does not show the nice colors…
    Even the headers are not shown.

    Here my code:
    String[][] data = new String[][] { { “A”, “B”, “C” },
    { “D”, “E”, “F” }, { “G”, “H”, “I” } };
    String[] columnNames = new String[] { “One”, “Two”, “Three” };
    TableModel model = new DefaultTableModel(data, columnNames);
    JTable table = MacWidgetFactory.createITunesTable(model);
    TableUtils.SortDelegate sortDelegate = new TableUtils.SortDelegate() {
    public void sort(int columnModelIndex,
    TableUtils.SortDirection sortDirection) {
    // initiate your sorting here.
    TableUtils.makeSortable(table, sortDelegate);
    add(table, BorderLayout.CENTER);

    • Ken Says:

      Most all of Mac Widgets for Java (including the ITunesTable) look the same on all platforms. Make sure to add your table to a JScrollPane, and then add that scroll pane to your container.


  22. Paul Taylor Says:

    Hi Ken

    Is MacWidgets 0.9.6 on the horizon ?

  23. Ken Says:

    Hi Paul,

    It’s on the horizon — no specific date yet. There are a bunch of bug fixes and there will be a new TabbedPaneUI that acts similar to Chrome — it could be used as for an applications document tabs.


    • Chris Says:

      Hi Ken,

      I’ve recently been playing around with the source lists (looks awesome) and noticed they are missing check boxes as found in iCal. Have you any plans to add this?

      I cant find anything on OS X Java that has the coloured style checkboxes like in iCal, so was thinking I could use custom icons with a mouse listener to change the checked state. Seems a bit of a hack though!


      • Ken Says:

        Hi Chris,

        I don’t have any plans to add the colored check boxes, like those seen in iCal. As always, you’re welcome to submit an enhancement request here.

        If you wanted to code it yourself, you could look at how I created the HudCheckboxUI, which will give you a pretty good idea of what to do.


  24. Bill Says:


    If you implemented chrome like tabs that would be sweet. Have never been happy with JTabbedPane on OSX.

    – Bill

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