JWebPane update

June 5, 2009

I was one of the few attendees of the late-night JWebPane BOF (BOF-3992). Artem Ananiev and Alexey Ushakov gave a fantastic demo of a Java web browser based on the JWebPane component (I’m trying to get ahold of a screen shot of this). I did learn that WebKit doesn’t actually provide a rendering engine, but instead provides hooks such that you can be told when and what to paint. This works out well, because JWebPane’s content can be completely painted using Java 2D and Swing.

The team was of course asked when JWebPane would be released (this was my only motivation for attending!). As expected, no date was provided, but they did suggest that it may be available by the end of the year (2009). They also said that an actual date would be put forth within the next couple of months.

One interesting tidbit of information that slipped out was that JWebPane’s release date is being aligned with JavaFX. It’s not clear to exactly why this connection to JavaFX exists, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

** Update: screen shots available here. **

27 Responses to “JWebPane update”

  1. Ryan Says:

    What on earth is the holdup with this? I cannot imagine any good reasons for delaying the release of this. I need JWebPane today!

  2. Luisa Says:

    Thanks for the info!

  3. Ken,

    Good to meet you at JavaOne.

    They are syncing the JWebPane for Swing and JavaFX because it will be used by both. In that sense I guess JWebPane is overloaded to be both the Swing component and the browser tech used by Swing and JavaFX.

    — Jonathan

  4. So JWebPane, JavaFX Authoring Tool and JavaFX 2.0 are going to release by the end of the year. I guess JWebPane will be exposed to JavaFX so web developer would be able to hop on the JavaFX platform as it now in Adobe AIR. Wonder how will Swing integration look like.

  5. Richard Osbaldeston Says:

    So is it being delayed because of this sync up with JavaFX or because it isn’t stable yet? Originally we we’re supposed to get at a early release Swing release in Q1 this year? whats the licence here? if it’s GPL shouldn’t we be able to get the source and compiled our own.. yadda yadda..

    Seems the rugs been pulled on the JavaFX from Java/Swing angle JFX1.2 removes a lot of the Scenario API and sound slike various Swing JDK7 roadmap items have gone missing) um.. yadda yadda..

  6. Srinivas Says:

    In terms of priority, Swing was supposed to be first, followed by JavaFX (at least as per the original goals of the project). In that sense, it is *really* sad that they did not release a downloadable version for Swing now. Promises, promises, …

  7. varen Says:

    honestly i’m with Bob on this. JWebPane to my mind might as well be vaporware. Demo’s of the functionality have been around since late last year and still we have to wait with bated breath. QTJambi ftw.

  8. If I remember correctly, JWebPane was already demoed last JavaOne’08. SUN has missed a VERY IMPORTANT opportunity with JWebPane. JWebPane summarizes important SUN’s past drawbacks with bad consequences unfortunately: development behind the door only, lack of news, failure to deliver on time important pieces of code…

    GUI within Java would have been changed with JWebPane being delivered 1 year ago…

  9. Bob Lebel Says:

    You know, what would have happened if they had not announced JWebPane at all so long ago? My guess is that someone else would have done it, now that webkit is what it is. But no one did, because JWebPane “is coming soon”… The good thing that came out of this, for me, is that it forced me to take a taste of jambi.

  10. Markus Says:

    Can you use the QT Jambi webkit component inside a JFrame?

  11. Augusto Says:

    What’s funny is that they scheduled this BOF exactly at the same time of the After Dark Bash, guaranteeing that almost nobody was going to be there :-)

    So Ken, you get a golden star for dedication! :-)

  12. nva Says:

    You can try “SWT Browser widget” inside you swing application using this project http://djproject.sourceforge.net/ns/index.html

  13. Ken Says:


    It looks like the Webstart demo is only configured to run on Windows (and possibly Linux).


  14. […] of the JWebPane Java web browser that he showed in his BOF at JavaOne 2009 (which I talked about here). Below is a screen shot I pulled from Alexey’s latest blog post: Seems like we’re […]

  15. […] – i.e. should it be included with the JDK/JRE, or should it be a separate jar/module? Ken Orr summarises this in a post with a few decent comments. Finally, the last word of course goes to Alexey Ushakov, the guy in […]

  16. Alan Says:

    >>They also said that an actual date would
    >>be put forth within the next couple of

    OK, so today is Oct. 20th -“it has been a couple of months”- , and I’m still not aware of any “release date”. I want to be on the beta release list. How do you get on that list?

    Somebody with connections please followup.

  17. […] would work to push other new and in the works projects into JDK 7 before its release. These include JWebPane, Java Media Components (JMC) and the Swing Application […]

  18. Vladimir Says:

    I use JxBrowser library to embed Mozilla browser component into my Swing desktop application. It renders HTML very well and provides rich API.

    Maybe it will help someone else :)


  19. justadude Says:

    I’ve used JxBrowser and another one called … DJ something, while JXBrowser seemed to be the easiest solution it quickly because a nightmare …
    Android WebView FTW… swing needs a good update or we’ll all go for C# and dump Java for desktop apps

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