Interesting JavaOne talks

May 5, 2009

Taking Jesse Wilson’s lead, here are some JavaOne talks that I plan on attending:

Extreme GUI Makeover (Hybrid Swing and JavaFX)
The classic JavaOne session (which I’m a sucker for) will start by using Nimbus to modernize an apps look and then add some whizzy animation using JavaFX.

Move Your Users: Animation Principles for Great User Experiences
The dynamic duo (Chet and Romain) will talk about animation principles that will help you create great user experiences. If past performance is any indicator, I’m sure this one will be entertaining!

Developing LimeWire
Sam and Michael from LimeWire will talk about how they recently rewrote their entire UI from scratch using Swing. LimeWire is one of the few mainstream commercial apps built on Swing, which means there’s probably something to learn here.

Nimbus: Making Swing Look Sexy!
Any talk with the word “sexy” has my attention! I’m interested in hearing more about creating branded apps using Nimbus, which Jasper and Peter from Sun plan on talking about. We’re seeing more and more custom looking apps these days, so if Nimbus can get us on the band-wagon (or should it be brand-wagon), then that’s a good thing.

Introduction to Google Guice
Jesse and Bob from Google will give us an intro to their dependency injection framework. I’m a novice in that department, so an introduction is just what I need.

What talks sound interesting to you?

JavaOne registration.

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