IntelliJ and JavaFX

March 14, 2009

If you’re interested in seeing JavaFX support in IntelliJ IDEA (as I am), I encourage you to vote for the feature here. JetBrains has hinted that we’ll see this in IntelliJ IDEA 9, but it can’t hurt to let them know that this is something users really want.


7 Responses to “IntelliJ and JavaFX”

  1. José Luis Sánchez Says:

    I’m a reader of your blog, and I’m beginning Java programming on Mac. I allways wanted to ask you for your prefered editor, but it seems it’s IDEA, right ?

    Regards from Spain,
    José Luis Sánchez

  2. Ken Says:

    Hi Jose,

    I’ve been using IntelliJ IDEA for a couple years now, and I’ve been very happy with the tool overall. I find IDEA to be stable and the plugins to be well integrated.


  3. Richard Osbaldeston Says:

    I’d much rather see IntelliJs own (pretty much deprecated) gui builder/strategy get replaced by Mattiese. Or better yet licence & bundle JFormDesigner.

    I dont see much benefit in supporting JavaFX until its reached some stability, lots of breaking changes still happening in each release. The component set hasnt even been released yet.
    Even then I think JavaFX is better suited to more visual development tool, one more akin to Adobes Catalyst/Thermo then a traditional IDE. JavaFX should be targeted at designers more than script monkeys. Always believed JavaFX Script was meant to be autogenerated by designer tools and rarely manually coded. Trying to refactor tool-generated code wouldn’t really work out with most builder tools I’ve seen to date (given IDEA will never be that same designer tool). JavaFX Script syntax support is only really useful in the window before such tools are available.

  4. Ken Says:

    Hi Richard,

    You make a really great point – JavaFX is much better suited to be generated via a visual design tool (think Adobe Flash CS4) rather than coded by hand. I guess I was thinking about the current state of affairs, but I think your right in that it if a visual design tool is released, it may not make sense to have IntelliJ support.


  5. Thierry Says:

    IDEA Intellij :
    I also happen to love Intellij IDEA. I love this tool. I trie a few time to move to others… but no just moved back.

    JavaFx :
    And I tested last yaer javaFx… (should I receive tomatoes!) and I liked it a lot. Cool simplification of java language, cool productivity. Coll visual and animation. [If only people could just open up their mind]. If you are a visual guy you can only like javaFx. The only limitation I see is … does not (yet?) integrate with java Swing code (this is bad marketing guys).

    IdeaIntellij :
    If only Intellij could integrate javaFx inside there tool, I would be so happy.

  6. Ken Says:

    Hi Thierry,

    Once JavaFX gets layouts and a full set of controls, us UI guys will be much happier!

    I’m also looking forward to Sun’s next iteration of tooling for JavaFX – perhaps we’ll see something at JavaOne.


  7. […] NetBeans has long supported JavaFX, even as the technology was still developing. And there has been Eclipse support for some time, though perhaps not to first class support level in NetBeans. However this might change now that JBoss is developing another Eclipse plugin for JavaFX. Such competition has historically been good for making tools better. So it looks like support for the JavaFX Script coder is building out nicely, whether or not IntelliJ decides to support it. […]

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