Getting Things Done with “Things”

June 13, 2008

Have you been looking for a Getting Things Done (GTD) app for the Mac that is simple to use and looks like a Mac app (I know, I know, so vain, but looks are pretty important to me!)? I just stumbled across Things, developed by CulturedCode, which is the simplest and prettiest GTD app I’ve found.

The realtive simplicty of Things is what is so appealing to me – organization of your tasks is done with tags (like in Gmail) which is much more flexible than folders. OmniFocus has more features, but it feels clunky and the aesthetics are a little rough around the edges (e.g. the source list selection painting).

Things is free while it’s under development, and will go for $49 (or $39 if you sign up for their mailing list) once it ships.

What GTD app do you use?


2 Responses to “Getting Things Done with “Things””

  1. AllPower Says:

    I was using iGTD (… I tried Things, and I have to say it not only looks better but I really like the tags-organization.

  2. Ken Says:

    I agree…the tags organization doesn’t feel constraining, like folder organization can.

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